The word Jigna is a Tirgrinya term that translates to warrior. The Jigna brand is for those that are warriors at heart. Those of you that are relentless in your pursuit; be it in life, love, health, education, finances, career, stability, happiness, aspirations - you name it. 
If life has knocked you down yet you kept getting back up each time, this brand is for you. 
If people have told you your dreams were too big but you kept chasing them anyway, this brand is for you. 
If you have had your heart shattered but you slowly put the pieces back together, this brand is for you.
If you pulled yourself up by your bootstraps, this brand is for you.
If you refused to become a victim of your circumstances and single handedly changed your outcome, this brand is for you.
If you have battled an illness and you didn’t let it defeat you spiritually, this brand is for you.
If you find it hard to wake up in the morning but you keep on pushing, this brand is for you.
If you are separated from your loved ones, this brand is for you.
If you have lost a loved one and survived through it, this brand for you.
You are a warrior at heart. Life’s trials & tribulations fuel your fire not dampen your spirit - that makes you a fighter, a warrior! You are here. Against all odds, you are still standing and you are stronger for it. 
Someone special once told me “everything in life is either a lesson or a blessings. Even the lessons are blessings” because if we are willing to learn from them we come out better, wiser and stronger. So every time life throws you a curve ball, we want you think: 
Another life lesson learned.
Another battle won.
I am still here!
In a world with so much uncertainty and negativity, we want to remind you that you can do it! Whatever it is, you can do it! You are all you need, you got this! Manifest, believe, achieve!
The dot of the I is inspired by traditional Eritrean jewelry, which symbolizes a shield. When you have any of our Jigna merchandize with you, we want you to feel protected and impenetrable. We want you to be reminded of your strength, capabilities and resilience. We want you to feel empowered. Be empowered.
Here’s to every Jigna out there, every warrior at heart. 
We see you, we celebrate you.
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